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ANIMAL by K’wan #1 Amazon Top Fiction Book!

ANIMAL by CMC Author K’wan garners the #1 spot at Amazon’s Top Rated Fiction Books!

Just shy of two months after its official release, fan demand fuels ANIMAL by K’wan to the top rated spot at Amazon Fiction Books!

A complex and bloody tale from one of this generation’s most talented and gritty writers, the story follows Animal, the infamous fugitive from K’wan’s well‑known Hood Rat Series, on a tragic trail of revenge. The novel takes the reader through the rugged streets of Puerto Rico to the scene of the original crime, Harlem, NY, following the footsteps of a ruthless murderer.

ANIMAL marks K’wan’s first release with Cash Money Content. K’wan’s previous novels include the bestsellers Welfare Wifeys, Section 8, Gutter, Still Hood, Hood Rat, Eve, Hoodlum and Street Dreams, all released by St. Martin’s Press.

Animal is a masterpiece” – Ronald “Slim” Williams, Co-CEO Cash Money Records/Cash Money Content

You don’t get more hood than K’wan” – Bryan “Birdman” Williams, Co-CEO Cash Money Records/Cash Money Content

One of hip-hop fiction’s hottest authors…” - King Magazine



Pamela E. Cash CHAUSIKU: The Gathering Storm; Book One (Volume 1)
Book (Pamela E. Cash)

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Lots of Books to sell!!! Ideas????

2004-09-21 16:06:00 by tyredashyt

Hi -
Not sure if this is the correct forum to which I should post this (so sorry in advance if this isn't appropriate for this area)...
In any case, I have about 70 books that I need to sell asap - I need to (1) get them off my shelves and (2) make some quick cash.
I've posted them on and I'mgoing to try Ebay, as well, but haven't sold as many as I'd like...
They are primarily non-fiction and primarily focused on: (1) Civil Rights, (2) Race & Racial Discrimination, (3) Africa; though there are few novels and unrelated other books...
If interested, please visit my website: www

Boston bookstores that buy books?

2004-08-26 16:25:20 by fizzy

I have about 50 used books in fairly good condition i'd like to sell for bookstore cash or credit. about half the books are scifi and fiction paperbacks, with the rest being hardcover military nonfiction or hard/softcover books on the art of writing.
thoughts? i know about mcintyre and moore, victor hugo, brattle books, harvard bookstore, and coolidge corner booksmith downstairs. am looking for more suggestions. i live in brighton and can drive them around. thanx.

Baltimore Horror Fiction Artists sought thru Nov

2007-09-28 17:19:36 by HorrorArt

Seeking horror writers of innovative fiction in the genre of splatterpunk flash fiction, short shorts, vignettes, early Clive Barker (Books of Blood); Virgillio Pinera. I'm also interested in visual art that's horrific - photos, pics of sculpture, etc. Will consider multimedia, to include visual, written, audio, etc. For example, the theme music of Halloween, Jaws, Close Encounters, Saw are unforgettable and distinctly conjure chills. 911 calls? Chilling sometimes. You get the picture. There's an idea for you.
Absolutely no vampires, no ghosts. No sci-fi centric horror, unless it's like "Alien" and is short and sweet

I don't know this for a fact

2003-10-02 19:19:20 by oneofeach

I'd put forth the suggestion working in the fiction publishing biz is overrated. It's all about 'deals' and lists and what restaurant you had your last drink at and crap. It's very cut throat and (most)everyone who gets into fiction publishing thinks they're real hot shit and usually they just studied at some swanky college. I don't know - don't underestimate the joys of trade pub. Maybe I'm just a bitter crone, but I always like books that did something other than lay there.
Avalon has several imprints, including Steves and Moon and some other travel oriented stuff.
ps: If you have the cash you could always go the Radcliffe Publishing Program Route

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Knuckleball Press The Chupacabra: A Borderline Crazy Tale of Coyotes, Cash & Cartels (The Chupacabra Trilogy - Book 1)
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