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Jun 07 2012

Best Books for Fiction Writers Writing is an art form and just like any art form it requires work, dedication and study. Every writer needs to learn the craft, improve their technique, develop their style and voice, and do all of these continuously during their writing career. It’s not an easy thing to do, but it is made somewhat easier by the resources available on the market.

Best Fiction Writing Books

There are thousands of books on fiction writing, but some of them stand out. They excel in delivery, in presentation, in uniqueness, and some even captivate you in a way that makes it sound almost not non-fiction. As a writer myself I have come to read these books, cherish them and have them become my go-to every time I feel I need a push.

I strongly believe that the great information available to us in these books writer by masters of the craft is essential. I think that reading those words, over and over again, from different perspectives and with different attitudes, cements those ideas in your head and helps you become a better writer.

The Collection

So, I decided to gather all the books that I own and read on the writing craft into an on-going collection. As time goes by I will slowly review all of these books and give you my own perspective on each and every one of them. The collection is ordered by type and is kept on a separate page which gets updated from time to time.

All I ask from you is this: if you know of a fiction writing book that is not in my list and you feel it belongs there, let me know. I promise I will buy it, read it and review it if I find it worthy.

I also ask you to help spread this information by sharing either this post or the page itself. You can post links on your blog or simply bookmark it on your favorite social media networks.

The Link

So, without any further due, here is the big collection of the Best Fiction Writing Books



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3 good ones for fiction writers

2007-05-14 21:12:36 by psq

Writing for Story, by Jon Franklin. Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist talks about best way to structure a short story. Ignore the fact that he's talking about true stories, not fiction. Many moons ago, I sold my first short story about six weeks after finishing this book.
How to Write Bestselling Fiction, by Dean Koontz (out of print - cost you about $100-$150 on Amazon used, and worth every penny. Amazingly, I bought it at a garage sale for two bucks). The man writes bestsellers every year - he knows of what he speaks. Sold my first novel about two years after first reading this book, using it as a sort of guide

Need researcher/collaborator for book

2004-01-09 21:59:49 by itsalltrue

I am a television industry figure with a fantastic story to tell in what will be a best selling non-fiction book. Just by telling you the working title, you would be able to see the power of the idea and the market for the book.
I write pretty well, and have worked as a writer, so I'm not looking for a ghost--I want to make that clear. I'm going to write the book.
But I need help in at least the following areas: highly detailed, impeccably fact-checked research, some of which will be to go back to best selling self-baring books written years ago the truth of which I'm going to blow out of the water, other of which will be tracking day-to-day news reports of events over a 7-year period to provide a timeline and confirmation of the details of what has been one of the biggest...

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