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Titan Books - The True Adventures of the World’s Greatest Stuntman
Amazing Enlightening And Absolutely True Adventures Of Katherine


Think you don’t know Vic Armstrong? Wrong! You’ve seen his work in countless films. He’s been stunt double for James Bond, Indiana Jones and Superman, and he’s directed action scenes for 3 Bond movies, Mission Impossible 3, I Am Legend and the upcoming Thor, to name but a few.He’s got a lot of amazing stories to tell, and they’re all here in this acclaimed memoir, now updated to cover Vic’s work on The Amazing Spider-Man!

Product Details
  • ISBN: 9781848568747
  • Dimensions: 234 x 156mm
  • Hardback with DJ: 352pp +16pp colour photos
  • Publication date: 20 May 2011
  • Illustration detail: B&W photos throughout, with colour section
  • All authors:
    Vic Armstrong , Robert Sellers


Deep Blue Publishing Trail of 32: The True Story of a Youthful Spirit That Knew Not of Defeat
Book (Deep Blue Publishing)

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Kids don't want to see movies/read books about

2006-11-10 10:09:38 by ILoveMacs

Parents. It's true that Disney is notorious for this, but they're all formula movies, so it's to be expected.
Look at almost any popular kids tv show/movie/book. Even if the kids have parents, they are absent most of the time. Look at Rugrats, for cryin' out loud. Those are some clueless parents!
Kids want to see other kids having cool adventures with their friends.


2008-07-15 08:21:06 by retired-bookseller

My prior major residence city wanted $275/yr to inspect my residence each year to see if I could safely sell books online by mail.
And, that didnt include business license fees.
Since I regretted opening that PANDORAS BOX, I borrowed an airplane hangar out of town to store the books and a mail drop in my brothers town, a dozen miles north.
Gave me a reason to visit my brother and a biplane I got "kidnapped" in.
Not all adventures are found in books.

Novel Challenges

2007-02-27 20:27:44 by musick_man

Yeah, thanks ellington. You hit my inner-conflict head on.
As I'm writing, I'm aware that I want to write a 'great' book, but I'm equally aware that the pedestrian prose of someone like Po Bronson sells books, so focussing on the 'gimmicky', in that sense, is alluring. There's some real magic in the adventures I had...and I'm really good at the self-sales aspect.
But ok, advice taken.
Finish writing what is steaming through my fingers and keep being true to the voices and experiences in the transcriptions. I'll see where it all goes and what I've got to work with when it is all done

No you are not being selfish.

2005-08-12 10:40:09 by flowershop

But times right now are especially hard--as is also true in my case. In time you will, of course, be back on your feet and you will enjoy the well-earned peaceful night's rest a person gets from knowing that a bad marriage is over and that you are once again moving forward.
Regarding your daughter, she doesn't care if you have toys for her at your place. At 4 yrs. old, she wants ADVENTURES with her fun dad like going to a playground and being pushed on the swings, walking on the beach in jeans and collecting shells, going to the library and reading books together. With the exception of the cost of a bus ride and some snacks that you can bring with you, these things are free and will give your daughter the most fun and lifetime memories!
As far as the other stuff, well, yeah,...

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True Adventure

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