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Cherry Adair - New York Times Bestselling Author
Linda Weaver Clarke: March 2013

Always an adventurer in life as well as writing, best-selling author Cherry Adair moved halfway across the globe from Cape Town, South Africa to the United States.

She settled in beautiful San Francisco, where she started what eventually became a thriving interior design business. "I loved being a designer because it was varied and creative, and I enjoyed working with the public." A voracious reader when she was able to carve out the time, Cherry found her brain crowded with characters and stories of her own. "Eventually, " she says, "the stories demanded to be told."

Cherry writes five to seven hours a day, six days a week. When asked why she chooses to write romantic suspense, she says, "Who says you can have adventure and a great love life? Of course if you're talking about an adventurous love life, that's another thing altogether. Actually I write romantic suspense with adventure write because I like to entertain and nothing keeps readers happier than a rapid pulse with a happy ending."

Popular on the workshop circuit, Cherry gives lively classes on writing and the writing life. Pulling no punches when asked how to become a published writer, Cherry insists, "Sit your butt in the chair and write. There's no magic to it. Writing is hard work. It isn't for sissies or whiners."

Their dream house finally complete, Cherry loves to spend time at home. A corner desk keeps her focused on writing, but the windows behind her, with a panoramic view of the front gardens, are always calling her to come outside and play. Her new office has nine-foot ceilings, a fireplace, a television and built-in bookcases that will house approximately 3, 500 paperback books.

"What can I say? My keeper shelf has been breeding in the middle of the night, rather like drycleaners' wire clothes hangers."

Because she loves to entertain friends and family, Cherry's favorite part of the house is her Tuscan kitchen, which features large terracotta tiles on both the floor and counter, and glossy cobalt blue tiles on the center island accented with a gorgeous hand painted tile mural over the stove.

Now that the inside of the house is completed, Cherry has turned her attention to the garden. She loves flowers, and everything in her garden has to do double duty. "If I can't see it, smell it or cover something over with it, it simply must go." Especially since the lake and view of snowcapped Mount Rainer is always in view.

Her other passions include laughing with David, reading, Ben & Jerry's Fudge Brownie ice cream, and her daily Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino. "Now if I could just get the to of them together and make Fudge Mocha Frappuccino ice cream, we'd really be in business."


Carpe DiEmily (Part 1): A Free Romantic Comedy Chick Lit Adventure
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Freedom Book: A Deeper Look

2003-07-30 01:30:17 by PLUR

Thursday, July 31, 6pm-12am+
at The Canvas Gallery,
1200 9th Ave & Lincoln,
San Francisco
Reception will feature DJs Ms. E, Felix the Dog, Automatic Romantic
Also: Live Paintings, Freedom Books and original art for Sale, and a
chance to meet featured artists.
The Freedom Book represents the collaboration of a powerful community
of artists from the metropolitan centers of America (and beyond), a visual
journey into the meaning of freedom, created during such a volatile time
in our history, a full spectrum of emotion, values and inspirations are
experienced at the turn of every page: graffiti, music, politics, love,
slavery, nature, surfing, adventure, war, a bird's flight, God

Yes! For light hearted silly romantic fun

2007-03-11 08:34:07 by Suomonona

(the kind thing Meg Ryan might've once starred in if it were a movie) try reading anything by Jennifer Cruisie.
(It's contemporary romance but she's not of the "heaving bosom" brand of writers and her books are all very humorous.)
For Indiana jones style action/adventure try Matthew Reilly's book "Temple" (or is it THE Temple???) All of his books are very adventurous in an unrealistic Raiders of the Lost Arc/Diehard kinda way but they're fun as hell. At least to me.
Also good: Douglass Preston/Lincoln Child- or either author on his own.
Hard boiled police procedural with a darker tone- Micheal Connelly is the shit

The Buccaneers Episode 3
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Romance Super Bundle (Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense & Historical Romance Boxed Set)
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Dangerous Dreams (The Dreamrunners Society, Book 1)
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