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“I bet you both are familiar with the purpose of a blast door and what it does to laser rounds? If I fire a laser round in here on an angle and then close this door that sucker is going to bounce around in there with you. Might even go through you a few times, make some holes. It’s called fire-boarding by pirates and slavers, they use it to torture their victims. Sometimes they actually bet on how long a man will survive. I heard rumor the longest was about a day and a half for one fellow before the round finally ripped through his heart and finished him off. The cold helps keep the blood thick so you don’t bleed out as fast. I’m willing to bet if I adjust this blaster a bit I can get it so you live longer than that. Nice radiation burns, loss of a few appendages, and who knows? Maybe you’ll get a lucky bounce that will hit you in the heart or the head or maybe you’ll just be praying that that next bounce is the one that will end it all. So who wants to avoid all that unpleasantness and tell me where my Sergeant is being taken?” - Reilly Campbell”
― J.J. Snow, Gunship

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Faber Piano Adventures Piano Adventures - Level 3A: Popular Repertoire Book (Faber Piano Adventures)
Book (Faber Piano Adventures)
  • Used Book in Good Condition

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2 Comic Books To Be Video Games

2011-02-18 04:43:27 by advancedlobster

Not only is Telltale Games working on a title based on the hit television and comic book property The Walking Dead, they've also snagged the rights to create games based on Vertigo's fan-favorite fairy tale series Fables.
Rumors were crawling all over the internet concerning Telltale's involvement with The Walking Dead, with the company hinting that they were working on a popular, recently-released television and comic book property. The Walking Dead was the only entertainment property that fit the bill, and now the dreams of thousands of zombie-lovers come true

Web Prancer Garfield's Defense: Attack of the Food Invaders
Mobile Application (Web Prancer)
  • The most popular lazy cat in the world in an epic, FREE new adventure
  • Fusion of tower defense and siege styles with non-stop action
  • Awesome Garfield art
  • Unique gameplay that captures the wackiness of the original Garfield series
  • Convince Garfield's friends to join your army by bribing them with popcorn
  • Upgrade your army and improve your defenses using cookies that you find around Jon's house
  • 60 challenging levels to conquer
  • Authorized by Garfield creator Jim Davis and Paws, Inc.!
Angry Birds Ultrabook Adventure - Level 6 …
Angry Birds Ultrabook Adventure - Level 6 …
Hal Leonard Piano Adventures - Primer Level - Popular Repertoire Book
Musical Instruments (Hal Leonard)
  • 9 Popular Songs for the Primer Level Pianist
  • Arranged for Piano
  • Standard Notation
  • Publisher: Faber Piano Adventures
  • Includes the Often-sung "Happy Birthday to You"

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