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List of Adventure Books - Adventure Books

List of Adventure Books

Adventures from the Book of Virtues
A Book Update: Faith and Brain Building

It sought to illustrate themes of common virtues through well-known international heroes and stories, based on the Book of Virtues collected and edited by conservative commentator and former Secretary of Education William J. Bennett. The core audience were families with children who were between the ages of 2 and 9 years old. It was produced by PorchLight Entertainment, series created by Bruce D. Johnson, music by J.A.C Redford.Adventures from the Book of Virtues is an animated television series which originally aired on PBS Kids in the United States for three seasons, beginning in 1996 and ending in 2000. There was a two-year gap in between the second and third seasons. In 2008, the series aired twice daily on Qubo Channel, and in 2010 began airing on BYUtv. As of 2011, reruns occasionally air on Qubo, and mostly air on BYUtv. Zach and Annie learn various life lessons from their friends Plato the bison, Aurora the red-tailed hawk, Aristotle the prairie dog, and Socrates the bobcat. These lessons are told in the form of animated segments based on stories from a variety of sources including the Bible, fairy tales, fables, mythology, and folk stories from different cultures.

The story features two schoolchildren, Zack and Annie, who are neighbors and friends for many years. In each episode of the series, one of them commits an act contrary to that day's chosen virtue (loyalty, compassion, courage, moderation, honesty, etc.) and suffers pain as a result (be it physical or moral). They seek counsel of one of their animal friends. These animal friends are four anthropomorphic mountain-dwelling entities who between them possess immense knowledge of legends and literature as well as common sense and a lively sense of fun. They utilize classical works of famous authors, philosophers, poets, as well as fables and myths to communicate the truth of virtue to Zack and Annie. Plato, the oldest, is a scholarly bison; Aurora, the most gentle, is a Red-tailed Hawk; Socrates (or "Soc" as his friends call him) is a rambunctious bobcat; and Aristotle (Ari) is a prairie dog who is seldom without his bag of books. These four, whose existence seems a secret from the majority of humans in the town of Spring Valley, advise Annie and Zack patiently and often. The children then proceed to live according to the virtue of the day, completing what they have begun.


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Guide books

2003-09-16 14:04:15 by asian_travel_guy

In order of preference:
1. Rough Guides (for independent travellers who like to get to know the cultural and social contexts of the places they visit)
2. Footprint (for independent travellers who don't want all information laid out comfortably for them and want to do some exploring for unknown hotels - although there isn't much mystery in Western Europe)
3. Moon (for more experienced independent travellers who prefer adventure over planned trips)
4. Lonely Planet (the baseline)
(then way down the list)
5. Let's Go (A bit snobby of me but this is the guide book for the teaming hordes of backpackers in Europe; if you want to follow this scene, get this book.)
6. Frommer's etc.

First--read this book

2004-11-30 12:27:20 by AllSpiced

An american woman, after the unexpected death of her husband, moved to Paris--it's a GREAT read and incredibly informative--her way is not the only way to go, but you sure need to know most of what is in this book--reads like a novel.
called C'Est La Vie, by Suzy Gershman and here is the link to it on Amazon---what's nice about Amazon is that under the reviews, are other books on the same topic, so you can read about other experiences before starting your own adventure! Also, further down are the "customers who bought this book also bought these books" list and there are a few books on there I'd read before moving to France for sure

LJM Publishing Carolee Sings in the Christmas Choir: A Christmas Story for Children of All Ages (Adventures of Carolee) (Volume 1)
Book (LJM Publishing)
TabTale LTD David & Goliath - An Interactive Bible Adventure Storybook for Kids & Parents
Mobile Application (TabTale LTD)
  • Engage in numerous fun activities on each page and reveal an enchanting reading experience never seen before on iPad/iPhone.
  • "Read to Me" will read the story to you, activate some fun interactions and automatically flip the pages
  • "Read it Myself" will allow you to control the reading yourself.
  • Take your time to search and find all the joyful interactions of each page. For help choose "Tips" in the menu to reveal all the hidden features.
  • "Edit Me" , this new feature will allow you to change Goliath's outfits, armor and sword.
Diary Of A Wimpy Kid
Movie ()

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