Kids Adventure Books Cooper Kids Adventures, Volumes 1-8: Frank Peretti

Cooper Kids Adventures, Volumes 1-8 5 5 9 9

best kids series Ive ever read. I'm 29, I read them as a kid, and just bought them for my four kids. Their hooked!!!! October 27, 2010

Awesome!!! I have read The Door in the Dragons Throat; Escape From the Island of Aquarias; The Tombs of Anak; Trapped at the Bottom of the Sea, and just finisher the Desert Stone. 1000 stars. May 2, 2010

Awesome books that every kid should totally read! Even though I'm 15 these are still some of my my favorites. They've got thrill and suspense and are a wonderful series for any young teen or even pre- teen. I think my favorite one (and this is hard to choose!) is probably the Deadly Curse of Toco- Rey. September 1, 2009

I love the series when ever I read them I pretend I am Lila. I have read all but #6 I am reading that one now. I really enjoy these books because I love mystery and suspense. One of my cousins friends introduced them to me and I am glad she did. June 5, 2009


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Here's a kid's book ragging on the 9th circuit

2006-12-22 09:57:51 by pesky

Katharine DeBrecht and Jim Hummel, the team that brought you the first two HELP! MOM! books�There are Liberals Under My Bed! and Hollywood�s in My Hamper! are back, with their funniest, most outrageous adventure yet.
George Washington Elementary's Christmas program was sure to be the best ever, until wacky liberals and activist judges got into the act (and in front of the TV cameras). One mysterious old document could save the day--but can Johnny and Luke find it before "The First Noel" becomes "The First Toenail?"
With their Christmas pageant in jeopardy, can Miss Bardin�s third-grade class save the holidays?
Johnny and Luke loved being in Miss Bardin's third-grade class, especially at Christmas time, when the class put on its annual...

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LJM Publishing Carolee Sings in the Christmas Choir: A Christmas Story for Children of All Ages (Adventures of Carolee) (Volume 1)
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TabTale LTD David & Goliath - An Interactive Bible Adventure Storybook for Kids & Parents
Mobile Application (TabTale LTD)
  • Engage in numerous fun activities on each page and reveal an enchanting reading experience never seen before on iPad/iPhone.
  • "Read to Me" will read the story to you, activate some fun interactions and automatically flip the pages
  • "Read it Myself" will allow you to control the reading yourself.
  • Take your time to search and find all the joyful interactions of each page. For help choose "Tips" in the menu to reveal all the hidden features.
  • "Edit Me" , this new feature will allow you to change Goliath's outfits, armor and sword.
Diary Of A Wimpy Kid
Movie ()

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