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50 Best Non-fiction Adventure Books

high-adventure.jpgFollowing up on our recent look into the world of fictional adventure literature, we now turn to the true life tales of exploration, adventure, and survival against all odds that have inspired countless readers for generations. Unlike their fictional counterparts, these riveting tales of conquests and ill fated journeys are completely true, and stand as a testament to man’s unquenchable desire to seek out the unknown, often against all odds and in the face of unbelievable hardship.
This is not considered a complete list of all the great tales of true life adventure, so please take advantage of the comments section to share what other true life tales of adventure you recommend to your fellow men.

And now, to continue on in the world of high adventure…

Through the Brazilian Wilderness by Theodore Roosevelt

South: The Endurance Expedition by Ernest Shackleton

Legendary Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton details his own efforts to cross the Antarctic by sled. Adventure tale turns survival story when Shackleton’s ship, Endurance, becomes trapped in the ice, where it would remain for ten months before the hull finally surrendered to the strength of the ice, forcing the men to set out on foot for a distant whaling station.

Into Thin Air: A Personal Account of the Mt. Everest Disaster by Jon Krakauer

Photograph courtesy of Olaf Rieck

A chilling account of the 1996 Mount Everest disaster as told by John Krakauer, author of Into the Wild, who witnessed the tragedy unfold firsthand. The onset of a powerful storm just as multiple teams attempt to summit Everest leads to devastating results, and those on the mountain are pushed to the brink of their endurance to make it out alive.

Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer

The tragic yet inspirational tale of Christopher McCandless, a young college graduate who abandoned a promising future in exchange for a life on the road. Hitchhiking across North America, McCandless eventually reaches his final destination, Alaska, where he aims to survive on his own in the wilderness. Krakauer follows McCandless’s philosophical journey full circle, from rebellious twenty-something who just wants to escape society to man who is fighting for his life and realizes that a life without the company of others is not complete.

“Two years he walks the earth. No phone, no pool, no pets, no cigarettes. Ultimate freedom. An extremist. An aesthetic voyager whose home is the road. Escaped from Atlanta. Thou shalt not return, ’cause “the West is the best.” And now after two rambling years comes the final and greatest adventure. The climactic battle to kill the false being within and victoriously conclude the spiritual pilgrimage. Ten days and nights of freight trains and hitchhiking bring him to the Great White North. No longer to be poisoned by civilization he flees, and walks alone upon the land to become lost in the wild.”


Perennial Touching the Void: The True Story of One Man's Miraculous Survival
Book (Perennial)
  • Author: Joe Simpson
  • ISBN: 9780060730550

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The other Author was

2003-11-19 14:58:22 by zorba

Saul Bellow. Amis and Rose agreed that the two best books were The Adventures of Augie March and Herzog. They also stated, without hesitation, that Augie was perhaps the genuine great American novel, which is true. If you haven't read Bellow, it is OK to start with Augie, you don't have to work up to it. If you are over 50 and haven't read Herzog, or read it when you were too young, read that.

Many books and websites

2007-12-20 01:20:43 by GeorgLang-for-Hungarian

Food and baked goods, Joan Nathan and Sara Kasdan on German Jewish and /Romanian style food and baked goods. Bo Friberg "Professional Baking" for classic Danish and Swiss goodies by wieght. Martha Stewart a trove of Polish and Christmas recipes ith no shortcuts. Each year church groups publish heirlooom recipes to raise money for charity. Often great recipes there. On line. Baking 911,,
Best bet after on line is a specialty book on the particular country. Sorry I'm not more informed of actual titles.
Joy of Cooking for the basics: stollen, kugelhopf, strudel etc

Little, Brown Books for Young Readers The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian
Book (Little, Brown Books for Young Readers)
  • ISBN13: 9780316013697
  • Condition: New
  • Notes: BRAND NEW FROM PUBLISHER! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Tracking provided on most orders. Buy with Confidence! Millions of books sold!
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Paramount Pictures True Grit
DVD (Paramount Pictures)
  • Condition: New
  • Format: DVD
  • AC-3; Color; Dolby; Dubbed; DVD; Subtitled; Widescreen; NTSC
Scholastic Paperbacks The Mostly True Adventures Of Homer P. Figg
Book (Scholastic Paperbacks)
AMR Publishing HASH: The Secrets of Startech (Book #2) (The Imprint Trilogy)
eBooks (AMR Publishing)

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