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Adventure Time Scores Big in Eisner Award Noms

The nominees for this year’s Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards — the comic book industry’s version of the Oscars — were announced this week, with plenty of nods for mainstream hits like Marvel’s Hawkeye, Brian K. Vaughan’s sci-fi favorite Saga … and Adventure Time? Most modern comic book readers are grownups, after all, so it’s a bit of a surprise to see an adaptation of a kids’ cartoon getting so much attention. Then again, Adventure Time isn’t just any kids’ cartoon — or, for that matter, just any comic book.

See for yourself: We’ve got the complete 16-page lead story from Adventure Time #1 available below for your reading pleasure, courtesy of publisher Boom! Studios. Written by by Dinosaur Comics webcomic creator and Kickstarter hero Ryan North with art by Braden Lamb and Shelli Paroline, the comic introduces Jake, Finn and Princess Bubblegum to readers and faithfully translates the dream logic (and occasionally nightmarish glee) of the animated series onto the page.

Adventure Time originally launched from Boom! in February 2012, followed by Marceline and The Scream Queens, a spin-off written another much-loved webcomic creator, Octopus Pie‘s Meredith Gran. Adventure Time: Playing with Fire, an original graphic novel written by Girls with Slingshots webcomic creator Danielle Corsetto, will be released later this month. The primary title’s three Eisner nominations for Best New Series, Best Publication for Kids and Best Humor Publication (plus a Best Publication for Teens nod for Adventure Time: Marceline and The Scream Queens) cap off a particularly successful first year for the comics based on Pendleton Ward’s popular Cartoon Network show.

“What’s phenomenal about Adventure Time, ” Boom!’s Vice President of Publishing Filip Sablik told WIRED, “is that not only has the amazing creative team of Ryan North, Braden Lamb, and Shelli Paroline managed to create something that has been critically-acclaimed as an example of how to do all-ages comics right, but it’s also been incredibly commercially successful. Not only in the comic book specialty store direct market, but now in the book market, in the digital comic market, and even book clubs.”

The Adventure Time comic is currently on its fifteenth issue, and available in comic stores and online right now, with the third collected print edition due this summer. But if you’re a fan of the show and curious about the comics, you can also just read the lead story of Adventure Time #1 for free right now.


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I have flown several times across the country

2006-06-27 16:00:58 by ebobsmom

With our almost 3yo. Often by myself. Definitely a few new toys are always a hit. My son is a big fan of trains and planes, so we try and buy him some new Thomas books, or something he will be really excited about.
Stickers, you can buy packs of 500 at Michaels for $2.00 sometimes. My son loves to just peel and stick.
Though a bit of a hassle getting on the plane, until our most recent trip I have always brought his car seat. It really helps with him taking a nap, and keeping him in his seat. And I try and let him sit next to the window so he can see out.
Leave yourself lots of time and make it an adventure

For the longest time...

2005-03-24 13:08:57 by corinthian56

Ive been reading classic literature. Basically stuff from the canon, like Joyce, Fitzgerald, Rand, Garcia-Marquez... But these authors all wrote decades ago. Its always been difficult for me to separate the good stuff from all the flashy worthless junk in the New Releases section. Plus it seems like you have to pay a lot more for new books with much less content. I would suggest to simply stick with what appeals to you, and not be concerned with when they were written. The emotions that appeal to us (adventure, love, laughter) havent changed in a thousand years. Anyways, if you like Herman Hesse, I would suggest Gabriel Garcia-Marquez

Here's a kid's book ragging on the 9th circuit

2006-12-22 09:57:51 by pesky

Katharine DeBrecht and Jim Hummel, the team that brought you the first two HELP! MOM! books�There are Liberals Under My Bed! and Hollywood�s in My Hamper! are back, with their funniest, most outrageous adventure yet.
George Washington Elementary's Christmas program was sure to be the best ever, until wacky liberals and activist judges got into the act (and in front of the TV cameras). One mysterious old document could save the day--but can Johnny and Luke find it before "The First Noel" becomes "The First Toenail?"
With their Christmas pageant in jeopardy, can Miss Bardin�s third-grade class save the holidays?
Johnny and Luke loved being in Miss Bardin's third-grade class, especially at Christmas time, when the class put on its annual...

Hijacking the pube thread for scifi

2003-11-12 10:50:48 by karthago

A new low, recommending books on a thread about shaving pubic hair. No one loved Dune more than me, but every book in the series was worse than the preceding one. Similar to orson scott card's "ender's game" series. I highly recommend the first book, though.
For one of the all-time classics, read "The Stars My Destination", by Alfred Bester. It feels kinda like a comic book (written in the 50s), but with more interesting character development. A ripping good space adventure, that has dated surprisingly little compared to most 80s scifi.
Also, I prefer shaved...

The Enchiridion / The Jiggler
TV Series Episode Video on Demand ()
Simon Calder - Its the ideal time to book a …
Simon Calder - Its the ideal time to book a …
Adventures from the Book of Virtues: …
Adventures from the Book of Virtues: …
Adventure Time Flipbook
Adventure Time Flipbook
D3 Publisher Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON'T KNOW! - Collector's Edition
Video Games (D3 Publisher)
  • Collector's edition includes BMO Steel Book, CDC - interviews with 4 of the ac...her cool stuff, Expanded Manual Strategy Guide - full color art with game tips
  • Play as fan-favorite Adventure Time characters Finn, Jake, Marceline and Cinna... plus many more, each one with unique moves and an arsenal of creative attacks
  • Characters come to life with voiceovers provided by the original TV cast
  • Fight your way through 100 floors of a massive Secret Royal Dungeon, avoiding ...hazards and defeating menacing enemies and bosses from the Adventure Time show
ADVENTURE TIME Adventure Time Finn Backpack & Hat Costume Combo Set
  • Adventure Time Finn Backpack & Hat Costume Combo Set.
  • 2 IN 1!!! BACKPACK AND FINN HOOD!! Dimensions: Approximately 16" x 12.5"
Zoofy Adventure Time Plush Marceline with Comic Book Gift Set
Toy (Zoofy)
  • From the hit Cartoon Network animated TV series, here comes the Adventure Time with Finn & Jake Plush + Comic Book Gift Set
  • Each gift set comes with a ~11" Marceline Plush, and the Scream Queens Comic issue #1
  • There are 2 items in this series (EACH SOLD SEPARATELY): Marceline Plush Gift Set, Finn & Jake Figue Gift Set
  • For all ages

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