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100 Greatest Adventure Books (1-19)

Book Cover: The Worst Journey in the WorldA list we had hoped our readers would enjoy turned out to be one of the most popular features in Adventure's five-year history. You asked for it—repeatedly—now you got it: the 100 Greatest in all their glory.

1. The Worst Journey in the World, by Apsley Cherry-Garrard (1922) As War and Peace is to novels,so is The Worst Journey in the World to the literature of polar travel: the one to beat. The author volunteered as a young man to go to the Antarctic with Robert Falcon Scott in 1910; that,and writing this book,are the only things of substance he ever did in life. They were enough. The expedition set up camp on the edge of the continent while Scott waited to go for the Pole in the spring. But first,Cherry-Garrard and two other men set out on a midwinter trek to collect emperor penguin eggs. It was a heartbreaker: three men hauling 700 pounds (318 kilograms) of gear through unrelieved darkness,with temperatures reaching 50,60,and 70 degrees below zero (-46,-51,and -57 degrees Celsius); clothes frozen so hard it took two men to bend them.Book Cover: JournalsBut Cherry-Garrard's greater achievement was to imbue everything he endured with humanity and even humor. And—as when he describes his later search for Scott and the doomed South Pole team—with tragedy as well. His book earns its preeminent place on this list by captivating us on every level: It is vivid; it is moving; it is unforgettable.
National Geographic Books,2002.

2. Journals, by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark (1814) Are there two American explorers more famous? Were there any braver? When they left St. Louis in 1804 to find a water route to the Pacific,no one knew how extensive the Rocky Mountains were or even exactly where they were,and the land beyond was terra incognita. Lewis and Clark's Journals are the closest thing we have to a national epic,and they are magnificent,full of the wonder of the Great West. Here are the first sightings of the vast prairie dog cities; here are huge bears that keep on coming at you with five or six bullets in them,Indian tribes with no knowledge of white men,the mountains stretching for a thousand miles; here are the long rapids,the deep snows,the ways of the Sioux,Crow,Assiniboin; here are buffalo by the millions. Here is the West in its true mythic proportions. Historian Stephen Ambrose's Undaunted Courage gives a fine overview,but to hear the adventure in the two captains' own dogged,rough-hewn words,you need the complete Elliott Coues edition in three volumes. Buy all three. Dive in. Rediscover heroism.
National Geographic Books,2002. Editor Elliott Coues published the definitive text of the Lewis and Clark journals in 1893,now available in a three-volume set entitled The History of the Lewis and Clark Expedition (Dover Publications,1979). A new,abridged version is The Essential Lewis and Clark (HarperCollins,2000).

3. Wind,Sand & Stars, by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (1940) Saint-Exupéry was without question the great pilot-poet of the air. And this remarkable classic attains its high ranking here by soaring both as a piece of writing and as a tale of adventure. It was Saint-Exupéry's job in the 1920s to fly the mail from France to Spain across the Pyrenees,in all kinds of weather,with bad maps and no radio. The engine on his plane would sometimes quit,he says,"with a great rattle like the crash of crockery. And one would simply throw in one's hand: there was no hope of refuge on the rocky crust of Spain." Nor in North Africa. He came down once in the Libyan Desert,and there was no water. He and his companion tramped this way and that and found no hope. "Nothing is unbearable, " he tells us after a while. "Tomorrow,and the day after,I should learn that nothing was really unbearable." He is calm about it,thoughtful,disinterested,yet at the same time intense,riveting. He takes us to places between impossible hope and endless despair we did not know existed.
Harcourt Brace,1992.

Book Cover: Exploration of the Colorado River Book Cover: Annapurna


W. W. Norton & Company Gulp: Adventures on the Alimentary Canal
Book (W. W. Norton & Company)

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2 Comic Books To Be Video Games

2011-02-18 04:43:27 by advancedlobster

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Adventures Unlimited

2007-09-15 14:03:50 by Bexter

I borrowed this catalog of books from the son of a friend, because in just randomly reading a few entries, I LMAO. I'm going to post a few excerpts over the coming days until she makes me give it back, always using the "Adventures Unlimited" subject title so you can skip them if you don't find them as hilarious as I did.
by William Henry
Behind all myths there is one message, a timeless truth that mystic travelers point to: our Earthly lives are a preparation for life as Starwalkers, advanced, interdimensional beings, who travel the Dimension of the Blessed

Your favorite book.

2003-07-24 13:31:55 by screwtape

Gentlemen. please reply with a post with the title, and author of your (current) favorite book. i know it's hard, but try to narrow it down to ONE. i'm looking for books that moved you, shook you, made you stop mid paragraph and call a friend - that kinda thing.
my flash judgment leads me to pick.......
ON THE ROAD / jack kerouac [of course]

--so shut up, live, be, adventure, bless and
dont be sorry--

call me a hipster doofus but i yam what i yam!

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