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The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Read The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Online FreeBy Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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Read The Adventures of Sherloc is a collection of twelve stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle,featuring his famous detective. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes were originally published in the Strand Magazine from July 1891 to June 1892. The title character was named after famous American poet Oliver Wendell Holmes,Sr.
Explicit details about Sherlock Holmes's life outside of the adventures recorded by Dr. Watson are few and far between in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's original stories; nevertheless,incidental details about his early life and extended families do construct a loose biographical picture of the detective...

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: An estimate of Sherlock Holmes's age in the story "His Last Bow" places his birth around 1852; however,on her website,Laurie R. King gives an argument for a younger Sherlock Holmes,with a birth date somewhere between 1863 and 1868. Commonly,the date is cited as 6 January.
Sherlock Holmes states that he first developed his deduction methods while an undergraduate. The author Dorothy L. Sayers suggested that,given details in two of the Adventures,Sherlock Holmes must have been at Cambridge rather than Oxford and that "of all the Cambridge colleges,Sidney Sussex [College] perhaps offered the greatest number of advantages to a man in Sherlock Holmes’ position and,in default of more exact information,we may tentatively place him there"...

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Sherlock Holmes
' earliest cases,which he pursued as an amateur,came from fellow university students. According to Sherlock Holmes,it was an encounter with the father of one of his classmates that led him to take up detection as a profession and he spent the six years following university working as a consulting detective,before financial difficulties led him to take Dr. Watson as a roommate,at which point the narrative of the stories begins... (Summary from Wikipedia)

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From reading in cookbooks

2004-01-02 21:26:12 by clb

And "science of food" books. And the one batch of fudge I made I beat hard with good results.
I just did a bit of online research, and what I found suggests that beating hard is important, but so is not beating too soon: "Fudge?A creamy, smooth confection that is perfect for youngsters' first candy-making adventure. In fudge, milk and an agent such as corn syrup are used to help keep the texture smooth. The candy is also beaten after a cooling period. An important point to watch is the temperature before beating. If stirring or beating is started too soon, the candy will be less smooth

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2008-04-21 10:11:02 by tekphreak

A great book has the power to move, inspire or even change lives. From adventure tales of the Arctic to the ultimate in quantum weirdness, here are the books that have left a lasting impression on some of the world’s top scientists, including Oliver Sacks, Michio Kaku, Jane Goodall, and more. Exclusive online contributions come from Daniel Everett, Elaine Morgan and Chris Frith.


Guide book

2006-01-09 20:20:57 by theologoumenon

i have never been to korea, but i would reccomend going to the bookstore or online and looking at some travel guides- I really like the lonely planet books. you can also check out their thorntree forum and other information on their site .
sounds like an adventure. have fun.

Book recommendation

2008-12-19 06:26:12 by JimLaughter

Depending on the interests of the reader you wish to give a book to, I would recommend my own book, Escape to Destiny, a young adult sci/fi fantasy adventure released in April 2008.
Escape to Destiny is the first book in a series that my writing partner and I are putting out. The next volume, The Horicon Experience, will be out in late summer, but I don't have a release date yet. Publishers can be a little slow...
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