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Adventure Books for Boys - Adventure Books

Adventure Books for Boys

Philip Webb's top 10 pulse-racing adventure books | Children's books
Cupples and Leon Adventure and Mystery Books for Boys

Philip Webb had a happy childhood, roaming and exploring and being fascinated by the local rubbish dump where he played out lots of post-apocalyptic adventures with his friends. His first novel, Six Days, is published by Chicken House, and comes with a competition to feature in Philip's next book. Find out more on the Six Days website: Six Days by Philip Webb at the Guardian bookshop

"When I set out to write Six Days, I was clear about one thing – that the plot had to rattle along so fast your heart would be pounding to keep up with it. These are the sorts of books I loved as a teenager – ripping yarns that absolutely refused to be put down.

My whole childhood was spent dreaming about (and occasionally getting into) adventures. I loved Tarzan so much I made serious plans to run away to Africa when I was eight. I got as far as packing a water bottle, food, pen knife and antiseptic, and waiting for my friend at the rendezvous at four in the morning. We were going to walk to Dover and become stowaways. I was mortified when my friend didn't show up.

Anyway, adventure books are the next best thing. Here are my top 10 page-turning, heart-stopping, killer adventures. Well, OK, there are 11, but who's counting? Some of them aren't specifically written for teenagers, but in the best traditions of adventure tales, they appeal to all ages from 10 to 100. Beware – they'll make you want to turn your back on that safe career your mum and dad want you to pursue and take to the high seas instead!"

1. Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

It's a sci-fi dystopia, it's a romance, it's touching and brutal and real. But most of all it's a perfect adventure. Bow-wielding ass-kicking Katniss goes into the Hunger Games arena to save her younger sister from certain death. It's survival of the fittest –a terrifying fight to the death, so addictive and so exciting you'll be gnawing your knuckles to the bone by book two.

2. Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson

Jim Hawkins, the young son of the owners of an inn in Cornwall, comes of age in this fabulous tale of intrigue and mystery and treasure. It was published in 1883 and it's the original and best pirate adventure of all time. All the great elements are there – the treasure map (X marks the spot), the Black Spot, the desert island in the tropics and, of course, wonderful villains. Long John Silver steals the show. He is one of the finest baddies ever created, so charismatic that you never know which side you're on!

3. Vernon God Little by DBC Pierre

You can't help but identify with 15-year-old Vernon Gregory Little – he's trapped in a nightmarish small town in Texas, surrounded by people he doesn't understand and who don't understand him. When his only friend commits suicide after killing 16 bullying schoolmates, the finger of blame turns Vernon's way. The resulting adventure spree on the run to Mexico is a rollercoaster of emotions. This modern-day Catcher In The Rye is a masterpiece, and it's also the funniest book I've ever read, bar none.


HarperCollins The Hero Revealed (The Extraordinary Adventures of Ordinary Boy, Book 1)
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Good tween/teen book suggestions for boys? 12yo

2013-05-27 08:23:08 by just_liloleme

Almost 13. Aside from the classics, some modern recommendations?
Also what's up with all the damn series? He has a tendency to read the first 2-3 books in a series and then get bored with it, because they drone on. He made it through the first Percy Jackson books, 2 sequels, but hated the last book and only finished half of it. I'm amazed he got that far. He liked the humor, but that was in 5th grade, he is ready for something more advanced.
He really likes books with plenty of humor and adventure.
What's up with all the post-apocalyptic books now? No more of those

Twilight books are too 'girly' for most boys

2010-11-23 00:07:40 by and_its_boys

That need more encouragement to read.
Because of political correctness school libraries no longer have enough books that can be considered traditional 'boy' books - even the classic boys adventure books seem to be absent these days (Treasure Island, The Last of the Mohicans, Man in the Iron Mask, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Around the World in Eighty Days, The 3 Musketeers etc).
The best author still publishing books that boys would love is Terry Pratchetts 'Discworld' series, he also writes a 'Tiffany Aching' series aimed at girls.

Romance novels, travel & adventure,

2003-10-19 08:04:06 by paat

Anything... anything that ya really love to read! forget all these preggers books, ya'll get good advice for yerself here on CL & from yer friends and every person who every had a baby.
point is, this will be yer last chance to read fer pleasur for, oh, let's see, maybe six years... so spent yer time now enjopying everything ya'll love. Wish Id a done that. Now I read nothin, just changin diapers, letting the boys suck the girls if ya know awht I mean, and coming here to CL bout once every week or two. Best wishes and good luck to ya, and congrats, ya sound like this is somethin ya really really want

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Barron's Educational Series The Boy's Book of Adventure: The Little Guidebook for Smart and Resourceful Boys
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HarperCollins The Extraordinary Adventures of Ordinary Boy, Book 1: The Hero Revealed
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