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Moonshine Cove is a small independent publisher based in the Appalachian foothills region of South Carolina. We are not a vanity press, subsidy publisher or so-called self-publisher meaning our authors do not pay us anything at all to have their books published. Instead we pay all costs of publishing and distribution and pay our authors royalties based on sales of their books. Moonshine Cove Publishing's only form of income is book sales to the public, not to our authors. Our books, both print books and eBooks, are distributed nationally and internationally through Ingram, Baker and Taylor and many regional wholesalers.


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5th Harry Potter book to be published June 21!!!

2003-01-15 10:33:14 by PozGuy30

After months of feverish anticipation, J.K. Rowling has completed her fifth book about young wizard Harry Potter, and it will be published in Britain and the United States on June 21, her publishers said Wednesday.
"Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" is 768 pages long and, by word count, more than one-third longer than its predecessor, "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire," Britain's Bloomsbury Publishers said.
"We are thrilled to announce the publication date," chief executive Nigel Newton said in a joint statement with Barbara Marcus, president of Scholastic Children's Books, Rowling's U

Book recommendation

2009-01-04 12:41:32 by JimLaughter

I recommend my own book, Escape to Destiny, a young adult sci/fi fantasy adventure released in April 2008. Escape to Destiny is the first book in a series that my writing partner and I are putting out. The next volume, The Horicon Experience, will be out in late summer, but I don't have a release date yet. Publishers can be a little slow... Our books make up the Galactic Axia series. We have created a commonwealth of planets throughout the Milky Way galaxy, and beyond in some cases. We've created a 20-book series of books that carry our characters on adventures throughout galaxy. This first book, Escape to Destiny, is the story of an orphan boy on an obscure planet that must escape the...

Need Readers 4 Action/Adventure

2010-04-13 17:26:02 by biblioteka

I'm new to this forum, so be kind!
I have a new novel I would like to have 5 to 10 people read. It is yet to be published, but will soon be. I am not interested in publishers, editors or promoters. I have that sussed, thanks. I just want a book report, if you will.
The book: Action/Adventure, International Political Intrigue based on a Private Investigator's case files.
I can provide more information, but I don't know if this violates the forum rules or if it would be better to place this in the classifieds. I want readers from all over the country.

Hal Leonard Piano Adventures - Level 1 - Theory Book
Musical Instruments (Hal Leonard)
  • The Theory Book is Designed to be Used in Conjunction with the Other Books in Level 1
  • Arranged for Piano
  • Standard Notation
  • Publisher: Faber Piano Adventures
  • 40 Pages

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